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The Asia-Pacific Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics (APSAEM 2018) is the ninth symposium devoted to topics on electromagnetic phenomena, both low and high frequencies, and applications in electrical, mechanical, and communication systems. The purpose of the symposium is to exchange scientific results and to promote the friendship between the countries in AsiaPacific region. The first symposium was held at Adelaide, Australia in (2000), the symposium then moved to Kanazawa, Japan (2002), Auckland, New Zealand (2004), Sydney, Australia (2006), Bangkok, Thailand (2008), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2010), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2012), Taichung, Taiwan (2014), and Yogyakarta, Indonesia will be the host for the ninth symposium 2018. The symposium is one in a series of events sponsored by the Japanese Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics.
Topics will include the  following: • Computational electromagnetics • Inverse problems • Characterization and modeling of electromagnetic materials • Magnetic sensors and measurement • Nondestructive testing • Applications of electromagnetic phenomena • MEMS • Electromagnetic and electromechanical devices and systems • Electromagnetic actuator and applications of permanent magnet • Applications in power, electronics, and control systems • Power electronics and drive systems. • Electromagnetic environment and control • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) • Applications of electromagnetic to medical treatments • Micro waves and antennas, terahertz applications • Applications in telecommunication • Electromagnetics and electromechanical education • Magnetic fluid • Renewable energy • Miscellaneous.


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